Family is an important part of our lives and it is difficult you live far away from them, in a different country. Your parents or grandparents would like to live with you for a longer period of time than just a visit of a few days or months. Every country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to visitors especially international. In Canada, if you do not have super visa insurance you cannot stay for a longer time period. There are other visas available but they allow international travelers to visit for a smaller duration of time.

Super Visa Insurance and When to Use It

Super visa insurance is a type of medical insurance provided to Parents or Grandparents of a Canadian citizen which covers medical expenses, hospitalization, etc. for getting a super visa the person has to purchase health insurance in Canada which meets the requirement of the Canadian government. Super visa was introduced in 2011 by the Canadian government for visitors who wanted to stay in Canada for a longer duration. The validity of a super visa in Canada is up to 10 years. In a super visa, a person can stay in Canada for up to 2 years with an option for extension whereas an ordinary visa only allows a stay for up to 6 months only.

A mandatory requirement for getting a super visa is that the applier must have Canadian health insurance. The Canadian government has made it a compulsory requirement. Using a super visa allows you to have multiple visits for a 10 year time period. The maximum time period that is permitted under a super visa in Canada is 2 years per visit. There is a 10-year multi-entry visa that can also allow you 10 entries but the maximum tenure per visit will be 6 months. The only difference between a visitors visa and a super visa is the permitted duration of stays.

How Do You Qualify for Super Visa in Canada?

There are a few criteria’s that you have to meet in order to qualify for Super Visa. They are:

  • You must be a Canadian citizen’s or permanent resident’s parent or grandparent
  • It is mandatory to have a letter from your son/ daughter or grandchild whom you are visiting in Canada. The letter must have detailed information about a commitment that he/she will support you through your entire stay, no. of members in the house, and a copy of citizenship or permanent resident of Canada document.   
  • You must have health insurance that also from a Canadian insurance firm having validity of at least a year providing coverage of a minimum of $100,000. The insurance must not be a proposition, but a paid policy. 

Along with the documents above, the ward to whom you are visiting must prove that he/she can afford to give you financial support. The documents they need to submit are:

  • Their tax filing documents
  • Their copy of employment insurance
  • Salary details and date of joining along with bank statement

Other than that there are a few needs of Health Insurance that have to be fulfilled in order to get a super visa to Canada and they are:

  • Health Insurance must be valid for a year with coverage of $100,000
  • Insurance must give coverage for every visit in Canada
  • Visitor must have documents that can be reviewed at the time of entry
  • Must have additional coverage up to $50,000
  • Coverage must cover for any type of accident and medical emergencies.
  • Must offer special visit benefit in case of any type of emergencies occur while treatment
  • Health Insurance plans do have some deductible amount at the time of claim.

What is the cost of getting a Super Visa Medical Insurance in Canada?

There are various companies providing Super Visa Insurance in Canada from where you can purchase one for your visitors. There are various options available that offer different coverage for different prices. It can be purchased for an individual or for a couple. It will be cheaper if a couple buys insurance individually and travel together. The cost of insurance can vary from provider to provider and plan to plan. The monthly cost of insurance ranges in between $100 to $200 in Canada, which is a yearly plan costing $1,660 on average having $1000 as deductible charges. Health insurance makes sure that the visitors can afford the medical expenses if they fall ill or meet any accident. As medical services in Canada are quite expensive and can impose a huge financial burden on visitors. The insurance will save them from that.  

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