It is challenging to make an international trip, especially during a pandemic, and Canada is no different. Besides fulfilling all the travel requirements, you must also be updated about the Canadian government travel rules and restrictions. 

Basics about Canadian permits and visitor visas: 

Before you take a visitor insurance quotefrom us, you must stay updated about Canadian visitor visas and permits. You must complete all the paperwork irrespective of whether you are visiting Canada as a visitor and getting a temporary visa or looking forward to meeting your grandkids or kids and applying for a super visa. Do not leave any research until the last minute. The pandemic has brought in several changes, especially to travel policies, and depending on your situation, it might be challenging to visit Canada if your paperwork is incomplete. The same applies to work or study visas in Canada. 

Reasons you need to have a visitor visa: 

Leave aside the pandemic for a minute and understand that when you visit Canada, you need to know that your medical insurance does not cover everything for unexpected emergencies. It would be best if you had a visitor’s visa besides your medical insurance from your home country. The Canadian government recommends you to have $1,00,000 of travel insurance coverage as medical care in Canada is pretty expensive. You should be prepared for any unexpected emergencies when you are traveling here. 

How does our visitor’s visa work? 

When you choose Policy Master, our visitor visa includes a comprehensive plan for all age groups, including emergency medical insurance to hospital care for the injury, including ambulance, x-ray, and diagnostic services. Our insurance also provides prescription medication besides 24/7 emergency assistance. 

You can connect with our experts to check the visitor visa insurance quote. Irrespective of your age, you need to ensure that you are eligible for our coverage. Check with our experts and learn about the eligibility criteria. You do not need a medical health questionnaire if you are less than 59 years old. If you are above 60 years, you need to complete three medical health questionnaires to understand the quotation for your insurance. 

Reasons to choose Policy Master 

Covid coverage 

When you choose us, you will be covered for all emergencies related to COVID-19, provided you test positive for the virus. To be eligible for coverage, you must test positive and take all the mandatory test requirements given by the Canadian government. 

Waiting for timeline requirements 

You do not have to go through any waiting period for claims related to your injury or sickness if your travel insurance is purchased before you visit Canada. But if you do not know the coverage in your home country, you have to wait for 48 hours if the policy is bought within 60 days after arrival. If you purchase the policy 61 days or more after arriving in Canada, then you have to wait for at least seven days. 

Pre-existing medical condition coverage 

We have your back even if you already have free medical coverage. We can help you with the claims, provided you meet all the existing criteria. 

Congress outside Canada 

You can enjoy global coverage travel as long as you want, provided the majority of the time is spent in Canada. You need to have travelled to Canada earlier to cover all the other outside trips. 

Professional medical services 

You can cover anyone incident mentioned, including an acupuncturist, physiotherapist, and osteopath. 

Follow-up post-medical emergency visit 

Under the insurance coverage by Policy Master, you are entitled to at least five follow-up visits if you have to visit a medical professional after your emergency medical treatment. However, these visits are included only within 14 days of your initial emergency. 

24 hours accident insurance 

For any death-related emergency, you can get a huge amount as high as $2500 as coverage. 

Family and friend’s plan 

Our particular rate plan is available for two adults aged 59 years or younger traveling with six kids. This is applicable only if your kids are 21 years of age or residing with parents or guardians, or they’re up till age 25, or they are full-time students. With any disability, there is no age limit for kids. 

Maternity benefits 

For prenatal care under our insurance, you can get coverage for $6000; it can also include complications within the nine weeks before your delivery date. 

Delayed flight benefit 

Policy Master offers a delayed flight benefit if your flight is delayed for more than 2 hours. 

Sports and activities cover 

Under our visitors to Canada emergency medical plan, you can get sports and activities covered, and that too at no extra cost. 

You can connect with our experts now to know more about visitors to Canada insurance. Policy Master offers very suitable and innovative insurance products to the clients based on their niche needs.